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Inked & Fucked in VR!

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You're famous! Which is why everyone recognizes you wherever you go and seems to want to give you stuff for free just to be in your good books. Anna Bell Peaks might be a VR porn star and a tattoo artist but she's just as weak for fame as the rest. She found out you're looking for a new tattoo so she's invited you in for a free session. You agree and get a new tat from this bomb bitch but when it comes time to pay she says she cant accept anything from you. Maybe she wont take cash but will she take a ride on your famous dick instead? Find out as this tattoo Vr porn scene unfolds in your headset.
Jan 12 2018
Full-Length: Premium Video
Preview: Low Quality - 1080p 30fps
Preview: High Quality - 1440p 60fps
Full-Length: Gear VR: 2880x1440
Full-Length: Smartphone: 1920x960
Full-Length: Oculus Rift: 3840x1920
Full-Length: HTC Vive: 3840x1920
Full-Length: Playstation VR: 3840x1920