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Creative Drumstick Virtual Masturbation

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Category: Brunette, POV, Solo
What's the first thing you think of when you see a pair of drumsticks in the hands of a naked VR porn star like Ellen Betsy? There's a lot of things that are probably running through your mind, with insertion most likely at the top of that list. Luckily Ellen is a lusty babe that knows what we want and will take the opportunity to deliver a kinky, rock oriented virtual masturbation porn. Undressed in the rehearsal room, Ellen Betsy is sucking and teasing herself with the tip of the stick, before she slides herself onto it as far as she can. She loves the feeling and begins to moan loudly as her climax quickly approaches.
Dec 16 2017
Full-Length: Premium Video
Preview: Low Quality - 1080p 30fps
Preview: High Quality - 1440p 60fps
Full-Length: Gear VR: 2880x1440
Full-Length: Smartphone: 1920x960
Full-Length: Oculus Rift: 3840x1920
Full-Length: HTC Vive: 3840x1920
Full-Length: Playstation VR: 3840x1920